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Lindvior - General Info
Lindvior 2022
L2OFF/PTS - Gracia Final x15


XP/SP/Vitality: x15
Adena: x7
Drop/Spoil: x7
Raid Boss XP/SP: x15
Raid Boss Adena/Drop: x7
Quest EXP/SP: x5

*Some quests have their Drop/Amount rates increased too (details below).


PASSWORD: undergames


Full List

  • Retail Gracia Final gameplay - NO GM Shop
  • NO custom NPC Buffers
  • Retail Song/Dance duration
  • Main Class (Subclasses are not cumulative)
  • Subclasses can level up to 85
  • 14-Day Olympiad Cycles
  • Retail safe enchants (+3/+4 full body)
  • NO P2W | DDoS Protection | Dedicated Staff 24/7
  • Available proxys for European players

  • Ingame Panel (Alt+B) with Learn Skills and Donation Shop functionality.
  • Offline Trader - FREE (.offlineshop)
  • Auto-Pickup - FREE (Enabled by default, can be turned off and on with .autopickupoff / .autopickupon)
  • Dual Box - FREE (2 free clients per PC. Additional boxes available through Donation Coins)
  • Lock & Exp lock systems - FREE (Read more details here)
  • Anti-Theft tracking
  • Anti-Hack/Bot systems
  • $150 USD Prize for the first Aden Castle owner!
  • Additional $1000 USD in Prizes for Epic Bosses kills!

  • 1st Class Change - 10 Adena
  • 2nd Class Change - 100 Adena


See the complete list



  • Durin, Warehouse Enchanter, has been added to Giran and Rune, allowing characters from all classes to enchant skills on it.
  • Characters are flagged for PvP after hitting a Raid Boss.
  • Clan Halls' buffs now last 1 hour (up from 20 minutes).
  • Increased overall chance for Raid Bosses to level up Soul Crystals. Baylor no longer corrupts Soul Crystals.
  • Raid Bosses no longer drop "egg"-type items, they now drop War Plans instead. This is the only way to obtain War Plans: which can be used to purchase special items and to increase Clan Reputation.
  • Alliance and Channel Commander members are considered as friends.
  • Drop/Spoil/Level/Aggro patch included for all monsters, Soul Crystal patch included for Raid Bosses.
  • Hellbound opened since day 1. Players have to level it up. Progress is tracked online.
  • Fortress guards upgraded to level 85.
  • Cursed Swords have upgraded skills, increased combat statistics and permanent Vitality regeneration. They are also disabled until the first Olympiad period ends.
  • New gatekeeper options added to Isle of Prayer and Chromatic Highlands (from Heine), to Primeval Isle (from Rune), to Forge of the Gods (from Goddard), to Giant's Cave (from Aden), to Zaken's Pirate Ship (from Giran Harbor) and entirely new gatekeepers in Primeval Isle and Gracia.
  • Gracia Survivors now port directly to Gracia instead of the Gludio Airship Port.
  • When matched against a player in the Grand Olympiad, you will enter the Stadium after 30 seconds (down from 120).
  • When a Grand Olympiad game has finished, the player will go back to the city after 20 seconds (down from 40).
  • A Server Manager NPC has been added to Giran, with the options to trade Wolf Tickets for Level 15 Wolves, or to instantly decrease the PK counter of the player in exchange for UnderGames Coins.
  • Added a new menu with useful commands and information: Type .menu ingame!


  • Scavengers can learn Sweeper Festival.
  • In order to avoid an exploit, the chance for Steal Divinity decreases when used on a higher level character. Max level characters still always have 100% chance.
  • Soul Breakers/Soul Hounds can still steal buffs from friends with 100% chance using Soul Transfer.
  • Several new passive Clan skills have been added.
  • New skill for Castle Lords: "Clan Regroup". Teleports all nearby clan members to your castle.
  • Triggered buffs and heal-over-time buffs no longer use a buff slot on your character.
  • New Noblesse skill: "Preparation", which is useful for quickly activating item buffs from Special Abilities (like Mental Shield, Bless the Body, etc).
  • Noblesse and Heroic skills are no longer magical-type and now have the same cast time and base success rate on all classes.
  • Vitality buffs (from cakes and birthday) now are maintained even after death, and cannot be cancelled or stolen.


  • The Harvest skill's (Manor seeding) reuse time has been reduced to 1 second.
  • The following items now have 0 weight: Spirit Ore, Soul Ore, Cursed Bone, Energy Stone, Bottle of Souls, Darion's Badge, all Arrows, all Bolts.
  • The following items are now tradeable: Ancient Tome of the Demon (and its pages), Blood Oath, Blood Alliance, Lvl83 Spellbooks, Divine Inspiration Lvl4 Spellbook.
  • The following items are now stackable: All giant's codex types.
  • Epic Transformation Spellbooks are no longer dropped from Raid Bosses, they drop fragments instead ("Energized Jewels"). 100 of those fragments are needed to learn the transformation.
  • Blessed Scrolls of Escape/Resurrection are no longer available to be bought from vendors.
  • Additional bonuses for Core/Orfen/Baylor epic jewelry. [ Link ]
  • Revamped the jewelry rewards from the Crystal Caverns instance: they have overall more M. Def.
  • All items can now be bestowed with Augments and Element even when they have {PvP} on.
  • Combined versions of all talismans (x10 duration) can be bought with Noblesse Gate Pass or Knight's Epaulettes, depending on type.
  • PvP Weapons: The "Casting" and "Critical Down" buffs no longer overlap and can now be active at the same time.
  • Heroic weapons have slightly increased base P. Atk./M. Atk. and PvP Damage.


  • All Quests: EXP/SP x5
  • Supplier of Reagents: Moonstone Shard Drop Amount x2
  • In Search of Fragments of Dimension: Drop Amount x5
  • Note: All rates below will be increased when Hellbound Stage 9 begins
  • Alliance with Ketra Orcs/Varka Silenos: Drop Amount x3
  • War with Ketra Orcs/Varka Silenos: Drop Amount x3
  • Gather the Flames: Drop Amount x3
  • Relics of the Old Empire: Drop Amount x5
  • Matras' Suspicious Request: Drop Amount x3
  • How to Oppose Evil: Drop Amount x3
  • Legacy of Insolence: Chance and Drop Amount x3
  • Exploration of the Giants' Cave (I & II): Chance and Drop Amount x3
  • Heart in Search of Power: Drop Amount x3
  • Necromancer's Request: Chance and Drop Amount x3
  • In the Forgotten Village: Chance and Drop Amount x3
  • Seekers of the Holy Grail: Chance and Drop Amount x3
  • Guardians of the Holy Grail: Chance and Drop Amount x3
  • The Zero Hour: Chance and Drop Amount x3
  • An Ice Merchant's Dream: Drop Amount x3

[Bosses and Instances]

  • Epic Bosses are now Level 85.
  • Kechi, Tears and Darnel are now Level 85.
  • All subclass/noblesse Raid Bosses and Benom are now Level 79.
  • Seed of Destruction - Stage 2 duration shortened by half, rewards doubled.
  • Gracia instances can be accessed with a minimum of 10 characters (down from 36), Tiat weapon drop rates increased to 100%.
  • The Hall of Suffering instances can now be accessed by characters up to level 85.
  • Zaken's door can be manually opened by Dagger-classes using Unlock.
  • Baium appears 20 minutes after its spawn (on a similar way like the 30 minutes of Antharas/Valakas).
  • The entrance to the Imperial Tomb is now a combat zone.
  • Dead characters are expelled from the Antharas/Valakas/Baium zones after 10 minutes.
  • It is now possible to restart the game client inside the Frintezza and Valakas raid zones without being expelled to the nearest village.
  • Queen Ant/Zaken/Core/Orfen/Antharas/Valakas have a capped amount of maximum received damage, in order to prevent an exploit.
  • Epic Boss respawns are now on specific days and hours (details below).

Boss Respawns

Todos los horarios son GMT-3 ( Brasilia / Buenos Aires )

[Image: lindvior_boss_respawn.png]

Frintezza has a random respawn timer of 20 minutes
Normal Raid Bosses: 20h +/- 2h
Subclass Raid Bosses: Every day at 20:00.
Barakiel, Varka's Mos/Shadith, Ketra's Tayr/Hekaton: 10 hours from time of death.

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