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Ixion - General Info - Zorak - 13-10-17

IXION 2021
L2OFF/PTS - High Five x10


XP/SP/Vitality: x10
Adena: x5
Drop/Spoil: x3
Raid Boss XP/SP: x10
Raid Boss Adena/Drop: x5
Quests: x1*
Clan Hall Price/Rent: x10

*Some quests have their rates increased.



Full List

  • Retail High Five Part 5 gameplay - NO GM Shop
  • NO custom NPC Buffers
  • Retail Song/Dance duration
  • Main Class (Subclasses are not cumulative)
  • Subclasses can level up to 85
  • 14-Day Olympiad Cycles
  • Retail safe enchants (+3/+4 full body)
  • NO P2W | DDoS Protection | Dedicated Staff 24/7
  • Available proxys for European players

  • Ingame Panel (Alt+B) with Learn Skills and Donation Shop functionality.
  • Offline Trader - FREE (.offlineshop)
  • Auto-Pickup - FREE (Enabled by default, can be turned off and on with .autopickupoff / .autopickupon)
  • Dual Box - FREE (2 free clients per PC. Additional boxes available through Donation Coins)
  • Lock & Exp lock systems - FREE (Read more details here)
  • Anti-Theft tracking
  • Anti-Hack/Bot systems
  • $150 USD Prize for the first Aden Castle owner!
  • Additional USD in Prizes for Baium/Antharas/Valakas kills!

[CLASS CHANGER NPCS in Giran / Dion / Gludio]
  • 1st Class Change - 10 Adena
  • 2nd Class Change - 100 Adena




  • (Under Construction)


Skill Changes


  • (Under Construction)


  • (Under Construction)

[Bosses and Instances]

  • (Under Construction)

Boss Respawns

Todos los horarios son GMT-3 ( Brasilia / Buenos Aires )

[Image: ixion21_boss_respawn.png]

Normal Raid Bosses: 20h +/- 2h
Varka/Ketra Raids, Uruka, Ember, Anais, Gwindorr, Water Spirit Lian*: 22:30 hs every day
Giant's Cave Raid Bosses**: Every 4 hours
*(Drop: Racial spellbooks)
**(Drop: chance of Vesper armor)