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Full Version: Ixion - General Info
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L2OFF/PTS - High Five x10


XP/SP/Vitality: x10
Adena: x5
Drop: x3
Spoil: x2
Knight's Epaulettes: x7
Raid Boss XP/SP: x10
Raid Boss Adena/Drop: x5
Quests: x1*
Clan Hall Price/Rent: x10

*Some quests have their XP/SP rates increased.


Complete Ixion Cliente (4.2GB | portable):

  • Retail High Five Part 5 gameplay - NO GM Shop
  • NO custom NPC Buffers
  • Retail Song/Dance duration
  • Main Class (Subclasses are not cumulative)
  • Subclasses can level up to 85
  • 14-Day Olympiad Cycles
  • Retail safe enchants (+3/+4 full body)
  • NO P2W | DDoS Protection | Dedicated Staff 24/7
  • Available proxys for European players

  • Ingame Panel (Alt+B) with Learn Skills and Donation Shop functionality.
  • Offline Trader - FREE (.offlineshop)
  • Auto-Pickup - FREE (Enabled by default, can be turned off and on with .autopickupoff / .autopickupon)
  • Dual Box - FREE (2 free clients per PC. Additional boxes available through Donation Coins)
  • Lock & Exp lock systems - FREE (Read more details here)
  • Anti-Theft tracking
  • Anti-Hack/Bot systems
  • $300 USD Prize for the first Aden Castle owner!
  • $300 USD in Prizes for the first UnderMedals Event winners!

[CLASS CHANGER NPCS in Giran / Dion / Gludio]
  • 1st Class Change - 29 Donation Coins or 10k Adena
  • 2nd Class Change - 217 Donation Coins or 300k Adena
  • 3rd Class Change - 432 Donation Coins




  • Added a new menu with useful commands and information: Type .menu ingame!
  • Drop/Spoil/Level/Aggro patch included to all monsters.
  • Hellbound opened since day 1, but players will have to level it up. Progress is tracked online.
  • Fortress guards upgraded to level 80.
  • Cursed Swords have a maxed attribute attack, increased combat statistics and passive Vitality regeneration. They are also disabled until the first Olympiad period ends.
  • New noblesse gatekeeper option added to Chromatic Highlands (from Heine).
  • Alliance and Channel Commander members are considered as friends.
  • Gracia Survivors now port directly to Gracia instead of the Gludio Airship Port.
  • When matched against a player in the Grand Olympiad, you will enter the Stadium after 60 seconds (down from 120).
  • When a Grand Olympiad game has finished, the player will go back to the city after 20 seconds (down from 40).
  • A Server Manager NPC has been added to Giran, with the options to trade Wolf Tickets for Level 15 Wolves, or to instantly decrease the PK counter of the player in exchange for Donation Coins.


  • Summoners' servitors now passively have +120 elemental resistances, which adds up to their previous values.
  • The Harvest skill's (Manor seeding) reuse time has been reduced by 50%.
  • Counter Chance and Counter Mind skills now work on the archer's whole party when activated.
  • The duration of Hide now keeps counting even when the character is offline.
  • Symbol of Resistance, Symbol of Energy, Symbol of Assassin, Symbol of Sniper: Bubble duration reduced to 60 seconds (down from 2 minutes), buff duration increased to 30 seconds (up from 7 seconds).
  • Symbol of Honor: For 1 minute, dramatically increases HP/CP Regeneration of characters inside the area.
  • Symbol of Resistance: For 20 seconds, characters inside the area become immune to debuffs.
  • Warlord/Dreadnought stun-type skills chance increased by about 40%.
  • Blazing Boost reuse time reduced to 1 second (down from 3 seconds), minimum range reduced to 100 (down from 200).
  • Crushing Strike reuse time increased to 10 seconds (up from 5 seconds), duration increased to 15 seconds (up from 3 seconds).
  • Golem Reinforcement now stacks with P. Def.-increasing buffs.
  • Strengthen Golem now stacks with P. Atk.-increasing buffs.
  • Dual Blow/Lucky Blow: Half Lethal chance increased to 15% (up from 10%).
  • Skills that grant physical skill evasion now also grant some magical skill evasion.
  • Counterattack now also grants a small chance to reflect physical debuffs.
  • Esprit/Acrobatic Move no longer have a hidden penalty to Stun/Hold resistance.
  • Raid Boss transformations (like Anakim) now deal 66% less damage in PvP.


  • Seed collection in Gracia has a chance to grant elemental Jewels, which allow items to have elemental attributes up to Level 9, or can be traded for higher-quality Essences, which allow items to have elemental attributes up to Level 12 (600 on weapons / 240 on armors).
  • The following items now have 0 weight: Soul Ore, Energy Stone, all Arrows, all Bolts.
  • Blessed Scrolls of Escape/Resurrection are no longer available to be bought from vendors.
  • NG/D/C grade shadow weapons and shots can now be bought in the Community Board for adena.
  • Additional bonuses for Core/Orfen/Baylor epic jewelry.
  • Fortress Guards now drop War Plans, which can be exchanged for various goods and Clan Reputation.
  • It is now possible to exchange a Zaken's Earring+Baylor's Earring+15kk Ancient Adena for a Blessed Earring of Zaken (NPC Aura).
  • Epic Weapons: These top-grade weapons are the best of their kind, but crafting them is difficult. This process is done through the Aura NPC.
  • The following items are now tradeable: Ancient Tome of the Demon (and its pages), Blood Oath, Blood Alliance, Contaminated Crystal (and other Baylor-related items).
  • S84 weapons can now be augmented and elemented even with {PvP} on.
  • Combined versions of all talismans (x10 duration) can be bought with UnderMedals or Knight's Epaulettes, depending on type.


  • All Pailaka quests have EXP/SP rewards x5.
  • All Seven Signs chain quests (79/81) have EXP/SP rewards x2.
  • Reagent Pouchs now grant x2 Moonstone Shards.

[Bosses and Instances]

  • Baium, Tiat and Ekimus are now Level 85.
  • All subclass/noblesse Raid Bosses and Benom are now Level 79.
  • New method for accessing the Baylor instances: gather all the needed items by killing Mardil, Ixion or doing the Halls of Suffering instance.
  • Elemental resistances for Antharas, Valakas and Freya are halved.
  • Seed of Destruction - Stage 2 duration shortened by half, rewards doubled.
  • Tiat instance can be accessed with a minimum of 18 characters (down from 36), Icarus/Vesper weapon drop rate increased to 100%.
  • Zaken (Night Time) instance can be accessed with a minimum of 18 characters (down from 72).
  • Frintezza instance can be accessed with a minimum of 18 characters (down from 36).
  • Ekimus' Vesper Armor drop rate drastically increased. Seed of Infinity progress is tracked online.
  • The Hall of Suffering instances can now be accessed by characters up to level 85.
  • Shortened Raid Boss random respawn timers (details below).

Boss Respawn Timers

Queen Ant: 36h +/-1h
Baium: 168h +/-1h
Orfen: 48h +/-1h
Core: 60h +/-1h
Antharas: 192h
Valakas: 264h
Beleth: 264h

Normal Raid Bosses: 20h +/- 2h