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Istary - General Info
L2OFF/PTS - Gracia Final x15


XP/SP: x15
Adena/Drop/Spoil: x7
Raid Boss XP/SP: x15
Raid Boss Adena/Drop: x7
Quests: x1
Clan Hall Price/Rent: x10

Full Client (include patch): Mega | GDrive | Torrent (Magnet) | Direct Download

System patch for Windows 10: Direct Download | Direct Download 2

[Activity Schedule]

  • Retail Gracia Final gameplay - NO GM Shop
  • Newbie Helper up to lvl 62 - NO custom NPC Buffers
  • Retail Song/Dance duration
  • Main Class (Subclasses are not cumulative)
  • Retail safe enchants (+3/+4 full body)
  • NO P2W | DDoS Protection | Dedicated Staff 24/7
  • Available proxys for European players

  • Ingame Panel (Alt+B) with Learn Skills functionality.
  • Offline Trader - FREE (.offlineshop)
  • Auto-Pickup - FREE (Enabled by default, can be turned off and on with .autopickupoff / .autopickupon)
  • Dual Box - FREE (Additional boxes available through Donation Coins)
  • Lock & Exp lock systems - FREE (Read more details here)
  • Starter tickets with up to C grade shadow weapons - FREE
  • Anti-Theft tracking
  • Anti-Hack/Bot systems
  • $250 USD Prize for the first Aden Castle owner!

[CLASS CHANGER NPCS in Giran / Dion / Gludio]
  • 1st Class Change - 18 Donation Coins or 100k Adena
  • 2nd Class Change - 129 Donation Coins or 3kk Adena
  • 3rd Class Change - 258 Donation Coins


  • Drop/Spoil/Level/Aggro patch included to all monsters.
  • The following items now have 0 weight: Spirit Ore, all Arrows, all Bolts.
  • Hellbound opened since day 1, but players will have to level it up. Progress is tracked online.
  • Additional bonuses for Core/Orfen/Baylor epic jewelry.
  • New method for accessing the Baylor instance: gather all the needed items by killing Istary (Alligator Island).
  • New epic jewelry: Ring of Sailren.
  • Zaken is now level 85. Drop table updated.
  • Antharas and Baium are now level 85.
  • Fortress guards upgraded to level 80.
  • The Hall of Suffering instances can now be accessed by characters up to level 85.
  • Passive skills for all heroic weapons (except for spear/rod/scepter/axe) now activate a lot more frequently.
  • Cursed Swords have a maxed attribute attack and passive Vitality regeneration.
  • New gatekeeper options added to Isle of Prayer, Primeval Isle and Zaken's Pirate Ship.
  • New noblesse gatekeeper options added to Chromatic Highlands and Zaken's Pirate Ship.
  • Alliance and Channel Commander members are considered as friends.
  • Gracia Survivors now port directly to Gracia instead of the Gludio Airship Port.
  • Shortened Dungeon Boss random respawn timers.
  • Seed of Destruction - Stage 2 duration shortened by half, rewards doubled.
  • The following items are now tradeable: Ancient Tome of the Demon (and its pages), Blood Oath, Blood Alliance, Contaminated Crystal (and other Baylor-related items), Noble Enhancement Stone, Divine Inspiration book (level 4), and all Level 83 spellbooks from the Olympiad Manager.
  • Increased level for subclass/noblesse Raid Bosses. Respawn changed to 24h +/- 2h.
  • Tiat can be accessed with a minimum of 3 parties (down from 4), Icarus/Vesper weapon drop rate increased to 100%.
  • Cohemenes/Ekimus can be accessed with a minimum of 2 parties (down from 3) and min. level 75 (down from 80). The difficulty of both instances was drastically decreased (same settings as Gracia Epilogue) and Vesper Armor drop rate drastically increased. Progress is tracked online.
  • Anakim Transformation Scroll removed on launch.
  • The following items are now cheaper: Lvl83 spellbooks, PvP Weapon Upgrades.
  • The Harvest skill's (Manor seeding) reuse time has been reduced by 50%.
  • Counter Chance and Counter Mind skills now work on the archer's whole party when activated.
  • The duration of Hide now keeps counting even when the character is offline.
  • Dwarven Scavengers can now learn Sweeper Festival at level 28.
  • Dagger classes can now learn Dual Blow at level 83.

Dungeon Boss Respawn Timers
Queen Ant: 36h +/-1h
Baium: 168h +/-2h
Frintezza: 48h +/-1h
Orfen: 48h +/-1h
Core: 60h +/-1h
Sailren: 60h +/-1h
Zaken: 60h +/-2h
Antharas: 264h +/-2h
Valakas: 264h +/-2h
Beleth: 264h +/-2h
Updated: 06/25

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