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Skellrus - Patch Notes

*Fix: Aegis passive now works correctly.
*Fix: Shield defense now always works against characters.
*Fix: Blow-type skills no longer fail indefinitely when stacking blowrate-increasing buffs.
*Fix: Cancellation should now properly dispel songs and dances too.
*Fixed an issue during the ToI/LoA PvP Event that caused clan members to be affected by area of effect skills.
*Fixed an issue during the ToI/LoA PvP Event that caused clan members to not receive Overlord buffs.
*Fixed an issue that caused Scrolls of Resurrection / Higher Resurrection to be consumed before they should.
*Fixed an issue that sometimes allowed stunned or paralyzed characters to complete their last issued movement action.
*Adjusted Wandering Ghost of Abyss damage.
*Swapped the following monster's spawn locations: Blader of Despair and Archer of Despair.


*NEW Weapon Appearance Stone added! Soul Reaper (only for poles).
*Fixed the Maluk Succubus Turen (T2) drop/spoil table.
*Cubics can now properly attack through obstacles.
*Doubled the epic jewelry drop rate.
*Fixed Harit Lizardman Shaman AI.
*Binding Cubic now has the proper abnormal visual effect.


*Fixed an issue with the Dungeon of Abyss quests distributing items to far away party members.
*Fixed an issue with the general item distribution conditions in the Dungeon of Abyss quests.
*Fixed an issue with enchanted weapons not adding the correct amount of stats.
*Fixed an issue with the respawn point for the Giran Silver Manor clan hall.
*Fixed an issue with the Spark Cubic land rate.
*Reworked Thunder Wyrm AI.
*Recipe: Amber Bead is no longer considered as a quest item.
*The NPC Tores in Town of Aden now allows the entrance to Western Dungeon of Abyss for characters up to lvl 46.
*Fixed an interaction with unflagged characters and AoE skills.
*Members of the same Command Channel can no longer be affected by area of effect untargeted skills.


*Mutual Clan Wars are now properly stored after a server restart.
*Players who are not flagged for PvP cannot be affected by untargeted AoE bad skills.
*Quick Spear now properly considers the target's level before landing.
*Quick Spear's reuse time is now being affected by renewal-type effects.
*Adjusted the stats of all the monsters in the following areas: War-Torn Plains, Plains of the Lizardmen, Timak Outpost, Seal of Shilen, Forsaken Plains, Fields of Massacre, Silent Valley, Plains of Glory, Outlaw Forest, Ivory Tower Crater, Forest of Mirrors, Hunters Valley, Red Rock Ridge and Orc Barracks.


*Spell casting is now properly interrupted by obstacles.
*Dungeon of Abyss can now be accessed until lvl 51.
*Hawkeyes now properly receive a reward on lvl 48.
*Blessed Body lv1 from Refined Romantic Chapeau no longer overwrites higher levels of Blessed Body.
*Fixed a missing condition in the Trial of Duty quest.
*Fixed the learning requisite of Summon Phantom Cubic for Phantom Summoners.
*Weapon Runes can now be sold in private stores and sent via mail.
*Fixed several Enchanted Valley north spawns.
*Members of the same Command Channel can no longer attack each other without using force attack.


*Attendance Rewards are now restored and fully working again.
*Attendance Rewards are now always Special XP/SP Scrolls +20% (1h) with 24 hours cooldown. Those scrolls remain after death and after logging out.
*Players are no longer able to attack each other before an Olympiad match begins.
*Fixed several flagging and signing issues during Olympiad matches.
*Adjusted the social AI from several monsters in Lair of Antharas.
*Adjusted the HP/MP Regen bonus on Clan Halls.
*The poison effect from Toxic Smoke now stacks with other types of poison.
*Gludio Scrolls of Escape spawn point relocated to the town center.
*Fixed textures for items: Refined Jester Hat, Hat of Cheers.
*Quick Spear is now properly considered as a debuff.
*Binding Cubic now directly applies Anchor to the affected target.
*Enchanted swords can now be used to craft Dualswords.
*XP Rune Chest (100%) now has a 24-hour reuse time.
*Removed the extra Divine Inspiration spellbook in the Grand Olympiad Manager shop.
*Added several new options in the Dimensional Merchant NPC for the upcoming Vote Reward system.
*Added a Dimensional Merchant NPC in Giran Castle Town.


*Physical skills should no longer fail when using them while auto-attacking.
*Duels should no longer restore the full duration on buffs.
*Orfen now casts an AoE paralysis debuff once every 150 seconds.
*Orfen now casts his Single Target paralysis debuff more often.
*The Orfen nest zone debuff now only decreases Atk. Spd.
*Adjusted the respawn location of raid bosses: Soulless Wild Boar and Fierce Tiger King Angel.
*Fixed the activation price of level 3 item creation on Clan Halls.
*Dungeon of Abyss is no longer considered as a peace zone, and AoE skills can now be used.
*Dungeon of Abyss quest items are now shared across the whole party.
*The option to exchange 2 specific runes for a Sealed Rune is now fully working. (*)
*Iss' Boost Mana is now giving the correct effect.
*Clan Hunting Bonus is now working correctly.
*Adjusted monster AI: Blood Queen.
*Adjusted several monster respawns in Dragon Valley safe zones.
*Call of the Spirits: Guardian monsters were moved from Ancient Battlegrounds to Fields of Massacre.
*Fixed: Hawkeyes now correctly receive a Daily Reward on level 43.

(*) - NOTA: Puede ocurrir que al loguear, si tenían mas de una runa (ej.: 2 Tyrr Runes lvl 1), sólo vean una en su inventario. Esto es sólo un problema visual, en realidad tienen ambas. Si usan una, o la dropean/tradean la otra va a aparecer en su inventario.
(*) - NOTE: If you had more than one rune (ie.: 2 Tyrr Runes lvl 1), you will see only one in your inventory. This is only a visual problem, after you use/drop/trade one of them, the other one will appear in your inventory.

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