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Minor Request
Hey there, european player here. I was wondering if you could possibly add a privatebuffstore since there's already an offline shop. It would be great, ty!  Also wondering if there is a rim kamaloka (the one that says premium only in retail) feature in the server, I noticed the rewards but no option, is it viable via vip acc maybe or something, or did I miss something?

Sorry if they both exist but I missed them, didn't intend to spam!

Anyway good luck with your project, wish you the best!

Sadly there is no default implementation for privatebuffstores in L2OFF/PTS files, so that's not an option. As for Rim Kamaloka, as you say, it's premium only in retail and as such it cannot be accessed here, but it is actually fully implemented. We could think about allowing its access somewhere in the future, maybe as an additional benefit for VIP players, but we really haven't thought about that yet.

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