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Hallo eng/ru community
I and my friend look for cp or friend for create clan and friendly game.
We are from Ukraine and we like this server but 
1) donate only paypal(we can not donate)
2) no international clan
3) no translate info in announce in English

  1. We plan to implement G2A in the near future.
  2. It is not something that depends on us.
  3. It is partially true, as in general if we advertise in both languages, and apologize for the error. The start days of a server are usually very busy and Istary, by the huge amount of people who chose it, exceeded our expectations by far. Which left us practically no time to announce everything correctly and completely.
El señor VV
Hello we are 2, also playing on this server and it seems to have just a few non spanish speakers, would be willing to join a casual clan if there is one :D

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