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Anti-Theft / Exp-Lock Systems
We are pleased to announce that Istary will have an anti-theft system and a totally free experience-blocking system!

Details about the Item Lock system

This system will allow you to use 3 special commands in order to lock your inventory. This means no one using your account will able to manipulate your items, allowing you to share it without having to worry about potential thefts.

.setlockpw password (replace "password" with your chosen password)
With this command you will set the password for your personal lock system. It is important that this password is not the same as your game account's password, or it would defeat the purpose of the system. We also encourage you to use a somewhat difficult password, instead of something like asdasd or 123456, and DON'T share it with ANYONE! We have seen over and over how life-long friends steal their items, so it is recommended to leave your inventory locked always before logging outDO NOT FORGET THIS PASSWORD! We can recover it, but the process might be a bit long since we need to be sure that you are the real owner of the account. Save yourself that trouble and write down the password somewhere safe!

.lock (you need to use this command in order to lock your inventory)
Your inventory and warehouse will be locked. Unless this system is disabled, no one will be able to trade, drop, destroy or sell your items. Private Store creation, and attacking non-flagged characters will also be forbidden.

.unlock password (replace "password" with your chosen password) Using this command is the only way of unlocking your character's inventory.

Details about the Experience-lock system

This system will allow you to use 2 special commands in order to lock your character's EXP gain. Your character will be unable to gain experience in any way, but it will still be able to gain SP. This command will also not interfere with your party member's EXP gain in any way.

This command will enable the EXP lock system. Keep in mind that when killing mobs, you will still receive the system message reading "Obtained X Experience and X SP", however despite that, you will only gain SP.

This command will allow your character to start gaining experience again normally.

Kind regards,
the UnderGames Staff.
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